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Late fees:
If you register after the program deadline, late fees will be assessed.  Financial and organizational decisions are compromised by late registrations. Adhering to program registration deadlines helps ensure that programs run smoothly. Late fees are assessed per child per program according to equipment and staffing needs and will be on a sliding scale in regards to the program fee. 

Cancellation fee: If participants cancel their registration within 72 hours of the program start, a $25 cancellation fee will be charged. In the event that a program cost is less than the fee, a refund will not be given. If materials such as uniforms have already been ordered, when the request of cancellation happens, a $25 fee will be charged to cover the costs.

Payment fee: Payment should always be made prior to the program starting. If failing to provide payment by the last day of a program, a $25 fee will be charged.

Program Cancellation: If a program is unable to continue to do government restrictions and closures due to Covid19, a credit will be given to the household account for the remaining sessions.
If I am a resident of the Millbrook Central School District, why do I pay a non-resident fee?
All residents of the Millbrook Central School District are eligible to participate in Town of Washington Recreation programs.  The Town Recreation programs are generously supported by taxes levied by the Town of Washington, not by the School District.  Therefore, if you are a resident of the School District but live outside the boundaries of the Town of Washington, you are considered a non-resident for the purpose of administering Recreation fees.  The non-resident fee is generally $10 - $15 greater than the resident fee.

Why doesn’t the Town of Washington offer a full-day Summer Camp?
We recognize that finding full-day child care in the summer can be difficult for families and annually receive comments on camp surveys requesting that full day camp be offered.  Though we would love to provide this service, Department of Health requirements concerning adequate medical staffing make this difficult.  Additionally, the Park and Pool are open to the public in the afternoon which limits the activities we could offer to afternoon campers.
Are dogs permitted at the Park?

No, dogs are not permitted on or off season

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